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The Project aims to contribute to efforts in preserving and promoting Philippine heritage architecture by creating a compendium of literature, research initiatives, national and local legislation, and conservation models from other countries; generating an inventory of heritage architecture in Manila and other parts of Metro Manila; developing a series of policy recommendations and draft legislation; publishing guides to historic Manila and other parts of Metro Manila; and mounting of exhibits in public spaces.

www.haligui.net hosts the compendium and inventory databases of the Project. These databases are designed to serve as a resource for researchers, advocates, and the interested public, principally to enable them to see the scope and scale of heritage architecture-related research, publication and legislative initiatives in the country, the architectural and social features of heritage structures in Manila and other parts of Metro Manila, and the possibilities of the future through the experiences of groups and institutions from other countries.

The development of the database is a continuing endeavor. We welcome suggestions of published materials, local legislation, research institutions and/or initiatives, and country models to be included in the database.


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